Romans Marvin PateAs I’m teaching Romans next semester at CCBCY (Feb 2014) I asked for one final commentary, that is, Marvin Pate’s Romans commentary in the Teach the Text series.

Baker kindly provided this book through Lion Hudson. I look forward to reading it soon.

Why another Romans commentary when I already have Schreiner’s, Osborne’s, Keener’s, and Witherington’s? That’s a good question, I may regret asking for another! There are a few reasons why I think Pate’s contribution will bring something new.

  • Pate holds to a form of dispensationalism (progressive), so he will no doubt be different to the others on some issues, most obviously in Romans 9-11.
  • The Teach the Text series has a unique format and approach, which can be best seen through checking out the PDF excerpt of the commentary.

Many thanks to Baker and Lion Hudson for providing a review copy!