CPM ConferenceIs there a future for national Israel? What Biblical right (if any) does the nation have to the promised land today? Whatever view one takes on this issue, the best arguments must be heard. Back in October last year Chosen People Ministries brought together some of the best scholars who argue for a continuing place for the nation of Israel and the land in God’s future plans. Issues such as hermeneutics, Jewish evangelism, and the teaching of individual books of the Bible are addressed by scholars such as Darrell Bock, Craig Evans, John Feinberg and Michael Vlach.

I haven’t had the chance to hear or watch these yet, but I expect them to be excellent lectures. Check them out here: The People, The Land and the Future of Israel.

Here are the lectures I’m most interested in hearing:

  • The Torah: Eugene Merrill
  • The Prophets: Robert Chisholm
  • Luke and Acts: Darrell Bock
  • Romans and the Pauline Epistles: Michael G. Vanlaningham
  • Hebrews and the General Epistles: Craig Evans
  • Hermeneutics: Craig Blaising
  • Traditional Jewish Expectations: Michael Brown
  • Evidence for the Truth of Scripture: Michael Rydelnik
  • Church History: Michael Vlach
  • Jewish Evangelism: Mitch Glaser
  • An Eschatological Necessity? John Feinberg

Watch or listen to the lectures here: The People, The Land and the Future of Israel.