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Review of Jesus: The Incarnation of the Word by David C. Mitchell

A new David Mitchell book is an event. His work, including the eschatology of the Psalms and the concept of Messiah Ben Joseph, has been paradigm-shifting for me.

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Review: The Seed of Promise

T. Desmond Alexander, senior lecturer in Biblical Studies at Union Theological College, author numerous books including From Eden to the New Jerusalem and a major commentary on Exodus, and co-editor of The New Dictionary of Biblical Theology has left a mark on evangelical biblical theology. It is fitting, then, that he would be due a festschrift. Enter GlossaHouse’s The Seed of Promise, edited by Paul Williamson and Rita Cefalu. These editors have gathered a number of essays on matters dear to Alexander’s heart and those who appreciate his work.

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Announcing TEMPEST

Hello everyone, I’m coming out of my semi-retirement of blogging to mention this project that’s very dear to my heart. As long as I’ve known my wife Natasha she was working on this graphic novel series. After over a decade of plotting, drawing, and redrawing, the first volume is finally done!

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Review: Missing Lenses by Tom Holland

What does it mean that we were buried with Christ in our baptism (Rom 6:4)? Or that our baptism freed us from sin (Rom 6:6-7)? These verses have caused me trouble over the years and I’m sure I’m not alone. Does Paul say that baptism is required for salvation? Or are the unbaptised saved but not freed from sin? Usually the answer goes something like this: when you believed in Jesus, you died to sin and were raised to new life, like Jesus, and your baptism at church symbolizes that reality. But what if our radical individualism has caused us two miss something massive in these verses? In Missing Lenses, Tom Holland thinks that we approach verses like this with a wrong perspective that quickly leads us astray. Holland wants nothing less than to reshape how we read scripture and think about our relationship to Christ and his body.

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July Biblical Studies Carnival (162)

I am coming out of a semi-blogging retirement to do this carnival. Quick update: I am working several jobs (I’m a pastor at Imprint and publicist for Lexham Press), am in seminary (Western), and with any free time I have left, I am slowly working on a few books. I have a few ideas for the future of the blog, but everything is moving very slowly!

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Vote on the next Psalmcast episode

I am preparing for the next episode, possibly series, on Psalmcast and there’s a day left to vote for what you’d like to hear being covered next. Vote out over at Patreon.

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