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The Jewish Trinity?

mobile-ed-ot291-the-jewish-trinity-how-the-old-testament-reveals-the-christian-godheadI’m beginning a review series on Michael Heiser’s The Jewish Trinity Mobile Ed course. This is my second course so far, but I reviewed the first as an overview of Mobile Ed itself. With The Jewish Trinity, I will focus more on the content as I work through it.

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Review: Father, Son and Spirit by Köstenberger & Swain

Father, Son and SpiritThe Gospel of John plays a large role in the church’s understanding of the Trinity, but symptomatic of the increasing specialisation within scholarship is an unfortunate separation of exegesis from systematic theology. We are left with Biblical studies neglecting to take the next step from study of the Biblical text to further theological reflection and synthesis. Köstenberger and Swan’s hope to set an example of how the two can be rejoined in their work Father, Son and Spirit by providing a study that, “summarises and synthesises what John has to say about God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit” (p20).

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My Theology Students’ Review of The Good God

I just finished up teaching Introduction to Theology at CCBCY. Our required reading was Mike Reeves’ Delighting in the Trinity (USA title) otherwise known as The Good God (UK title). I wanted a book that got the students thinking but was also doxological and enjoyable to the students who wouldn’t have chosen to take Theology, but were in it only because it was required to graduate! I reviewed the book here, but thought you might like to see my student’s thoughts on the book.

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The Good God / Delighting in the Trinity

The Good GodSee below for details on how to win a copy of The Good God!

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Father Hunger

Father HungerRemember John Eldredge’s Wild at Heart? I first picked up the book when I was in my final year of high-school, and while the majority of the book has disappeared from my memory – along with the majority of my high-school experience, thankfully – I do remember being stimulated by his call to be a Godly man. Despite (or due to?) having grown up in the church, a robust vision of Christian masculinity had mostly escaped me; instead, Jesus and His followers should above all things be nice. I longed to know what it meant to be a man created in God’s image.

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The Doctrine of God by John Frame

The Doctrine of GodA.W. Tozer’s The Knowledge of the Holy and J.I. Packer’s Knowing God have received (much deserved) wide popularity for faithfully bringing a countless number of Christians to a deeper understanding of God’s character and nature. However, both of these books only go so far; for Christians wanting the next level, where should one turn?

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