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Category: Psalmcast

Psalmcast #4: Songs of the End Times

Is the Psalter merely a collection of ancient worship songs? If that is so, why have most Jews and Christians throughout history interpreted the Psalms as prophetic?

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Psalmcast #3: Jesus’ Bible

Context is king. So too for the Psalter. In this episode we look at Jesus’ Bible, known by Christians as the Old Testament. We examine how Jesus’ Bible differed to our own Old Testaments today and what this means for the Psalter.

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Psalmcast #2: The Psalter’s Intelligent Design

The Psalter is not simply Israel’s greatest hits on shuffle, it’s more like the first concept album. The Psalter is a carefully constructed collection and in this episode we consider 10 evidences of its intelligent design.

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Psalmcast #1: Psalms vs. Psalter

What’s in a name? When it comes to the Psalms, surprisingly, a lot. How we talk about the Psalter impacts the way in which we read it.

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