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Podcasting and Patreon

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Kickstarting Our Second Book

My wife and I like to do art projects together. Well, she’s a natural artist, while I dink around with a drawing tablet colouring in her art. A few years ago we made a lo-fi noir/detective/drama/comedy graphic novel called Reklas Abandon, and now we just launched a Kickstarter for our second book: Where I Go When I Sleep.

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Leviticus in Seattle Next Week


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Help Me Get My Bachelor’s Degree

My Digital Seminary exists because I was unable (time and money) to attend seminary. That said, I have been slowly working on a distance Bachelor’s degree, most of which I obtained through credits for teaching the courses at the Bible College where I taught. However, the final semester (this Autumn) is a thesis defense that requires full tuition and also physical presence (in Hungary, no less) for the defense and graduation. It all comes to $1,800.

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Discussing the Tanak on Beyond Reading the Bible

BeyondReadingArtOn the latest episode of Beyond Reading the Bible (#5), Randy and I discuss the Tanak, why the order differs from the English Old Testament, and what difference it makes.

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Best Books of 2015

Best Reads From 2015

As with last year, I’m won’t restrict myself to books released in 2015 since there are plenty of important books from this year that I haven’t (yet) read. So this is no attempt for inspired list of “best” books of 2015, and the age of a book alone shouldn’t determine it’s quality anyway. No, this is a subjective list of books – in no particular order – that impacted me most this year, and a little on why.

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