HeaderAt the end of the year I mentioned two exciting pieces of news for 2016. The first is that our family is moving to Seattle on March the 1st (more on that to come), and the second piece of news is this: a podcast!

BeyondReadingArtI am excited to announce the Beyond Reading the Bible podcast, which is devoted to aiding Bible readers, of any level, to grow in their knowledge of the Bible through discussing Biblical concepts, theological themes, literary features and techniques, and surveying individual books of the Bible. Our hope is that any believer would benefit from this podcast, but it is especially aimed for bringing some of the more complex academic discussions, which illuminate the Bible greatly but are out of reach to many, to an approachable level.

I am joined in this endeavor by my friend and fellow-teacher at Calvary Chapel Bible College York, Randy McCracken. Randy is a fount of knowledge on all things Biblical, and is a talented teacher. He also blogs at Bible Study With Randy.

We have two episodes online, with many, many diverse ideas for the future such as genre, chiasmus, the narrator, the Psalter, Markan sandwiches, and patron client relationships.

The podcast can be found on the iTunes Podcast store or by searching for “Beyond Reading the Bible” from the Podcast app on one’s iPhone/iPad. Alternatively, episodes can be listened to from the Beyond Reading the Bible website.