The Gospel Coalition has posted an interview with the authors of Kingdom through Covenant: A Biblical-Theological Understanding of the CovenantsPeter Gentry and Stephen Wellum. Both are professors at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and have released a book this year that adds to the great output of recent SBTS authors (Jim Hamilton, Tom Schreiner, Russell Moore, Bruce Ware, etc), in which they propose what they believe to be a “Biblical Middle Way” between dispensational theology (DT) and covenant theology (CT). I’m very interested in this work as I’m still trying to sort out these two competing views of how one should put the whole Bible together.

This book has been controversial by very nature of its proposals, but hopefully it will promote Biblical discussion more than anything. TGC will soon publish a forum where Darrell Bock (progressive dispensationalist), Michael Horton (covenant theologian), and Douglas Moo (probably closer to the views of the authors) will all weigh in with their thoughts on this book. These discussions should be fascinating and I will make sure to post them here when they’re out.

What about your book might readers be most surprised to learn?

First and foremost, our hope and prayer is that our readers will be surprised to find not merely a polemical discussion between DT and CT, but a work that seeks to glory afresh in the gospel of our Lord Jesus and to see in him and his new covenant work all our hope and stay, for now and eternity. In addition, given the kingdom emphasis of the work, we hope our readers will see how Jesus’ message of the kingdom is actually found on the first page of the Bible, not merely in the NT.

Read the rest of the interview here

Update (01/10/12): I’ve just provided the links to the reviews here.